Testing a Hypothesis

A hypothesis is an assumption made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. There are two types of hypothesis: i. Null hypothesis ii. Alternative hypothesis The null hypothesis is the¬†¬†assumption that there is no significant difference between specified populations, any observed difference being due to sampling or experimental error. […]

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Data Analysis 101

Research is very diverse and every researcher has his or her own unique way of conducting research. Researchers may use varied tools just to arrive at the same conclusion. Conducting extensive research needs time and commitment; time to read widely and commitment in ensuring you (as a researcher) conducts ethical research. There are basic steps […]

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Basic MS Excel Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a way of reducing the time it takes to complete a given task and in the long run increase productivity.¬†Sometimes you may have a serviced machine that is working pretty well, but you just need to complete a task accurately and within the shortest period. Other times, your keyboard might not be working […]

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LaTex Basics

This is the second LaTex tutorial. From the previous tutorial, we were able to view the softwares behind LaTex. There are two softwares: MikTex (the LaTex packages) and TexMaker (the LaTex editor). Note that you will never find a direct software for LaTex, you have to install the two softwares (MikTex and TexMaker). In this […]

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Coding Equations in MS Word

There is more to just the basic type of document, format and save. Especially for the people who deal with a lot of Mathematics equations, coding equations in MS Word will come in hardy. I know most of you have attended a MS Office class probably after High School or at some point in life; […]

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